Tuesday, May 5, 2009

turning titles into poems

I'm having a bit of trouble with my computer lately. However I thought I'd post a few newer poems. These are based on L.L. 's latest post title.

A Golden Chain

[first angle]

A golden chain
Poetry seems to me
A secret weapon
To set me free
A chance to say
Things that sometimes
Can’t be said
A chance to
Some black thing
Out of my head
To put it down
Lay it down
Fold the book
& walk away
A chance to
Get it
Out of the way
So I can better live
This day.

A golden chain

[second angle]

A golden chain
To lock me
To keep me
From this here day
Private thoughts
That shouldn’t be
Robbing me
Of any good
That could be
Why do I
Allow these thoughts
To chain me?
When I should
Give them
The boot…


L.L. Barkat said...

You made me laugh with the final line of that second poem. It just had a certain wit I liked.

In the first, I loved...

"Fold the book
& walk away"

Poetry as healer, yes.

Anonymous said...

a secret weapon.

i like that.

sojourner said...

the first one was deep and serious - i liked this line:
"To put it down
Lay it down
Fold the book
& walk away"
because that is what i like to do with my sad poems - the second one made me laugh :0)