Friday, May 15, 2009

Poems based on the word mask [& the challenge of “pretending to be something else”]


Collect them all

Tiny little

Fake lives

We hide behind

So no one

Really knows

Who we are

Are they safe?

Of course they are



May very well be

What’s wrong with them


Challenge no one

They don’t offend

[& it wouldn’t matter

If they did]


If you don’t like

This one

We can

Swap it out

For a more appealing one

But masks



It’s pretty hard

To keep a lifeless thing

On something



Or later

The real person

Shows up


The longer

It takes

The scarier

The day

When the mask



Masks [what you meant…maybe,

kinda, sorta]

I love it

That I am

What you


And take with you

When you go off

To spend time with Him

You smile

[& laugh @ yourself]

He does, too

I get to be

The “paint brush” you use

To have

“Conversations in art”


The Artist

You pick me up

And look toward the sky

Pushing my buttons

To capture a small fraction

Of what you see

Thanking Him

For His ability

To make

What you are

Looking at

I’m not new

[& neither are you]

We fit

[we’re both more than a bit worn]

We’re both “scratched”

A bit “dented”

Here ‘n there

But He doesn’t mind

And we belong to each other

When you grab me in your hand

I feel your excitement

….& I hear you singing in your head

Laughing & giddy

Like a little boy



He’ll lead us today

Wondering what

He’ll point out this time?

So glad I can be a connection

A tether from you to Him


L.L. Barkat said...

I especially liked this in the first one...

If you don’t like
This one
We can
Swap it out
For a more appealing one"

And the second poem was nicely whimsical. A mask talking in a mask poem. :)

Marcus Goodyear said...

My favorite lines:

The longer
It takes
The scarier
The day

There is something really profound about that--especially as we head into the long dog days of summer.