Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Lending Dad"

My Dad has been going on short term missions trips for a few years now. It does make me nervous sometimes. However, he always seems so energized when he comes home. He will be in one of the booklets that will [hopefully] come out on Fri. night. Talking about his experience in Guatemala.

When you’re gone
I miss you
when you go
I miss your activity
the way you move
like a hummingbird
without wings
Your laugh
the way you lead group
your hugs
I’m glad I get to
share the blessing
of your concern for others
your energy
and “get up ‘n go”
your helping others to feel a part of things
I do miss you
I welcome you back
with open arms
a glad heart
and a
“Thank you Yahweh
for bringing him safely back to me” [-us]
a thank you
to Yahweh
for ever sharing you
with me at all

B.E. Noll


GaGa said...

You're very deep ........
Love , An amateur(Is that th right spelling?)

Bought as is said...

thank you. [& yes it is the right spelling, I knew what you meant anyway, though.]
Take care.