Friday, March 4, 2011

Dad also writes [just not often]. and Encounter

hey, a quick note to family & friends. on page 15 of the above booklet is an article on his latest trip to Guatemala. Written by my Dad. it'll probably be in pdf format soon on LW's "art @ LW blog" in the near future.
Dad, Thanks for writing.
LW thanks for sending [thank you to those who went with him].
Yahweh, thanks for keeping him safe.
DeAnn, thanks for asking him to write, & printing it.

My Dad doesn't write often... I get any writing ability from both of my parents, though. Yeah, I'm a proud...child.
Thankful... for both of my Dads [my Earthly one, & my Heavenly one]

Enounter was wonderful!! I need to get some sleep, yet as I experienced tonight's encounter, I thought of 3 songs from Neal Morse's One disc. Which has an overarching theme of The Creation, fall, & redemption of mankind.
Cradle to the grave [featuring Phil Keaggy]
Parts of this song seem like I wrote them.
"sometimes I wonder, why I was born at all..."
Father of forgiveness
Sung from the father of the prodigal's standpoint.
"who's that
up the road?
the child who went
his own
is back
among the living
let's take him back
to the beginning..."

I've seen Christ's followers fight each other ...a lot. So I really love the last part,
"on our knee's, with open arms, we worship in one spirit....
make us one." It's a very celebratory song...

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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