Monday, September 13, 2010

an update

Hello all,

As my wife watches a show set in France [& I enjoy the English spoken w a French accent, & the French, which brings back memories] I'll try to update those of you not privy to my facebook page.

I didn't sleep well Thurs. or Fri. [as my previous post shows well]

The surgery went very well. They left a total of 4... "objects" in my nose.
Mick remembers things that I don't, about that day. Including me being very cold, which freaks her out. [I rarely wear a coat in a snowstorm, so this is a bit understandable] They told her it was normal when you wake up from anesthesia.
I actually went to LW on that following Sun. [I don't know why but at times like that it seems so much more worth it to go. The worship was so made for me, & I loved the visual worshipper set up these last 2 weeks. -aka "the video walls"]
Fri., I mostly watched movies. My personal collection of them. As I could not sleep I listened to Kemper Crabb - The Vigil, various Phil Keaggy solo guitar discs, Robert Fripp - Churchscapes: At the End of Time, & my collection of Iona music. I even put my Iona - Live in London DVD in for a while, & felt like my little living room became a temporary monestary/healing room. My sleep patterns began to slowly return as the days followed.
Last Wed. I went in to see my ENT Dr. He assures me that things look great. And He removed 2 of the 4 "foreign objects". I instantly felt 200% better. I could REALLY breathe!!! Better than I have in a very long time. Oct. 6th I will have the other 2 removed. I have an odd feeling since. Almost like being resurrected from some "pale form of myself". Last Fri. I went back to work. I think I'm doing well there, though I am not allowed to lift more than 14lbs. ...I had no idea just how light 14 lbs was! ugh... as some know too well, I am terrible at asking for help. Yet, things are going well. I feel like I have more energy. My stomach is slowly doing better. I am on an antibiotic, prednisone, taking acidophilus [& eating yogut -shhhh! don't tell anyone. It'll ruin my image!], & 2 allergy med.'s. Though the pain killers they gave, I only took 2 of, quite pleased there. I have had a couple of bad headaches Thurs. through Sat. They seem to be gone [& only took advil for those.] I'm glad to be so far ahead of where I was last time I had surgery. My head feels very clear.
Thanks for all the prayers. Well, I should go... lately, it seems, if I don't get off here [internet/computer] early enough I can't sleep.

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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