Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Love Note to Yahweh

...I cannot sleep long, right now... so I'll read & write.
[& thank God for Phil Keaggy, Kemper Crabb, Iona, Robert Fripp, Donald Miller, & Eugene Peterson -to name a few]


How do I write of You?
Are solitude
all the beauty of solitude, anyway
even your name is soothing
in solitude
with you
I feel a brief inkling
Of how massive you are
How immeasurably huge you must be
Yet… how, oh Great & Mighty one,
Do I describe
“all the things you are” to me?

…more like all the ways you are toward me…

oh Lord,
You are a blanket…
The size of a large city

Oh Lord,
Are an island I can live on
An island that would take a thousand eternities to cross

Oh Holy Spirit,
Are a breeze to calm my anxious soul
Speaking to the Architect of my soul
In a secret language no one else knows

Oh loving Jesu,
You are…
The Master Physician’s Rx for my soul
You have healed the rift & become a “bridge across forever”
I stand in awe
I am laid low
Unable to speak, stand or move

For you, oh Jesu,
You choose to heal my wounds…
& keep your own
Jesu, you died to shout
In actions
“I love you”
“I choose you”
And then you rose
Walked into my life & said:
“do you love me, too?
do you
Choose me?”

A billion times over

B.E. Noll

...thanks to all who are praying for me...your prayers are very much felt, & appreciated! I am recovering well, no pain so far, & feeling surrounded by a temple [or tent?] of prayers which feels very wonderful...
If any of you go to any of the arts shows here this weekend, -& can easily do so- post pictures so I can vicariously go with? Thanks


Bought as is said...

P.S. if you don't know of any check out the "arts of Living Word" blog for one. I think Harrisburg has one as well..

deAnn Roe said...

HI there - would you be alright to have this post published in the Oct edition of Inklings? LMK. Thank you! deAnn