Monday, August 30, 2010

probably the last till after surgery...

Well, this week is NUTS! today, got my head x-ray. Tomorrow a meeting, Wed. another game [Revolution]. Thurs. prep for surgery on Fri. All I know about Fri. is 2 things, I will have surgery, my nose will be stuffed up, & I'll probably sleep a lot. [ok, 3 things]

so... I'm a little nervous doing this, but this is my facebook photo:
Brian Noll
I'm not sure when & where I'll post, but I'll probably start there. I'll be surprised if I say anything before Sat. I'll try to friend any who ask...
also you can leave comments here.

Music is often my friend, my blanket, a pile of fallen leaves to hide in...

Walk on
[...& love
is not
the easy thing
the only baggage
you can bring
is all that you can't
leave behind...]

Stuck in a moment you can't get out of
[...& if
way should
along this
stony path
it's just a moment
this time
will pass...]

Have a great week, & holiday weekend.


L.L. Barkat said...

Brian, I feel for you this week, having just been hospitalized myself! Hoping for a quick recovery, and solace. (and, yes, I see that in my absence I missed your solace poem too. Forgive?)

Bought as is said...

definitely forgiven!!!

The surgery went well. Though they "left something in" to help me. I'll post more later. No real pain yet, either. Good to hear from you.