Monday, August 2, 2010

I know I said...

I know I said I was taking a break. I still won’t be “regularly blogging” for a while [Aug. – Nov.]
I hate to leave things the way I did for too long. My blog doesn’t need to be negative, you can find that elsewhere. Though, if I may say so, it’s not always fun being different from everyone else. –or, at least feeling different. It’s nice to have a few people who can stand you –as is. Anyone can look good for a picture. But life is much more of a hiking trail, than a photo shoot. [perhaps more on this later]

2 things…
#1. I am having sinus surgery again. To finish fixing my septum. It would fall under “minimally invasive surgery”. As they will probably not need to make an incision. [i.e. cut me] They will go –ah, this may be the “queasy part” so if that’s “not you thing” skip to #2. I have people who like the details… this…is for you. They will go up my nasal opening to fix my deviated septum. They did this last time. They need to fix a part up closer to the bridge of my nose this time. The part they fixed previously is doing wonderfully. So the hope of my ENT & myself is this will be the last one. [ever? -!!!] I am not “showing symptoms”. [which were: dizziness, extreme headaches, generally lousy] This is good news. However, if I don’t get the surgery now…I’ll just have to get it done later. So let’s put procrastination off till tomorrow, shall we? Thus, Sept. 10th [a Fri. –the one after Labor Day] I will have this done. It will cause me to miss some days of work as I am not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs. Rendering me basically useless @ work. So Mick & I are adjusting the vacation plans we had for next week, & I’m pondering how early in the week I’ll go to the cabin [@ the end of this month]. Should be out about 7 days [I think it was 2 weeks last time out.] sigh.

#2. Onto cheerier stuff. Mick & I were invited to a wonderful wedding last Fri. [Thanks Lauren & Jed, & congrats!] Loved the ceremony, & what the Pastor [& father of the groom] spoke about. The symbolism used. And was reminded of the last song sung before my own wedding began. Since my surgery will be around the same time I thought I’d put this up early. Love the song, still mean every word…

Thigpen's Wedding
by Kemper Crabb

Here I set
my face unto you
Here I speak
my heart's true vow
Here I choose
to walk beside you
Loving only you,
my heart speaks true
Forevermore from now.

I will love you in the dawning
And in the bright noonday
I will love you in the even
Everyday I live,
my heart I'll give
I'll love you from my grave.

I have heard God
in your laughter
I have seen Him
on your face
And it's clear now what He's after
For He wrote
your name
on my heart
in flame
It's a wound I'll not erase.

We will rise
on wings of morning
We will fly
before the wind
We will dwell within the mysteries
And the glories of
Jehovah's love
A circle with no end.

We will pitch our tents toward Zion
In the shadow of His love.
We will covenant between us
We will covenant
with the earth below
And with heaven
up above
We will covenant
with the dust below
And the Spirit
up above.

May his grace drip from your fingers,

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