Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this is based on a conversation I had just this evening...

Why I don’t Love You

Why don’t I love you?
…let me explain the ways
I don’t love you for your hair
you may lose it
or choose to give it up
[“take it all off”]
I don’t love you for your smile
your brain may one day forget how to make one
I don’t love you for your physique
[though it is quite unique]
because it may “go down”
before the sun does
perhaps even on this very day
your eyes though they may twinkle
over some favorite doughnut [sprinkle?]
I don’t love you for them
[they only see part of me,
as mine only see part of you]
these are the ways I do not love you
if I care for you
it’s not really much based
on what my eyes “behold”
for that is just what your soul wears
“soul clothes”
you might say
…but it’s the thin part of you
it’s not the meat
it’s not the best part
the best part is
how you express yourself
how you are ok
with me expressing myself
you don’t need to like everything I like
or like it as much as me
even if we both
write poetry
you will be you
and I
real friends let you
just be
and freely enjoy

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