Thursday, June 24, 2010

an "ode" to Mom

Last night I spoke about my Dad to my Growth Group [they asked each one to share about their Dad]. to quote "Weird Al" "awe man, I hate it when I'm right"
I began with: "No matter what I say, or how many hours I talk, I'll be leaving so much out..."
This is true of both of my Dads. [my Earthly one, & my Heavenly One] I don't talk much about either of my parents, because I know that some of you never knew your parents... & some of you, sadly, wish you didn't. I'll try to talk about them both, on occasion. Hopefully this will not be hard for anyone. Tonight, to compliment last night, I will talk about just one part of my Mother. Something she gave to me, both in experiences, & DNA. Music. My love of piano, is totally my Mom's fault! I can remember her practicing for hours. "Mom, play the one that goes..." She plays Holy, Holy, Holy where she changes the mood for each verse, it's so cool. Somber for the crucifixion, the triumphant rising & returning for us [I can almost hear her playing it now].
I'm trying to work up the nerve to write a poem a day for 100 days. So...

When did we first meet?
when did I first
lay ears on you?
when did you float on the air toward me?
I just don’t remember
I know it was long ago
crawling on the floor
under the grand piano
at someone’s house
mother playing favorites
pop, classical memories
as her fingers waltzed across the ivories
Hymns, Themes to shows
later she would “accompany me”
during my guitar practices
below her
in the basement
I guess
thanks to Mom
I will always enjoy music
I will always have a soft spot in my heart
for the piano
it doesn’t matter
who I’m listening to
Rick Wakeman
Neal Morse or
Chick Corea

a cousin,
or even a stranger in a mall
even the smell of a piano
brings back memories
so many memories
thanks Mom

by B.E. Noll

As for the smell of pianos. My Grandfather [Mom's Dad] tuned pianos for years, by ear...

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