Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a poem for now...

I mentioned on facebook, that I would write a post on Anthropomorphism. All I can say is I'm working on it. Till then I thought I'd post a poem, since it's been way too long since I have put one up here...

What no one wants
[what everyone needs]

No one
wants to be
the leftover
No one wants the world to know
that they want
to be wanted
no one wants the world to know
that they’ve ever been
we need to have someone tell us
show us
that we have value
truth is
every time we feel
is an eternity
from blogs
to twitter
to facebook
to flickr
to what-ever-is-next
we need people to tell us
that we don’t just take up
space on this planet
I hear it online
on TV
in poems
in stories
in songs
for some that I’ve met,
“hung with”,
had deep conversations with,
the story
is indeed
in your eyes
but the story doesn’t have to be over
it certainly doesn’t have to end there
in the loneliness

it’s a big thing to ask
but my hope
in blogging
or whatever else
is that
you don’t feel so alone
or quite so broken
mostly that even if you feel these things
from time to time
that you are not the only one
-like me-
you just think you are sometimes
[& you’re not as alone as you think…]
by B. E. Noll

I don't know if this fits, but I like this song...
If Everyone cared.

To add to the text from the video:
Jamie Tworkowski wanted to keep in touch with & encourage a girl who was addicted to pills, alcohol, & self injury. He wrote her story, & used the title for a myspace page.
not only did she keep in touch... others sent messages thanking him for bringing this into the light.
To Write Love on Her Arms is now a world wide movement. To raise awareness for self injury, depression, & suicide.
...oh, Renee Yohe [the girl] has been sober for about 3 years.

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