Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have been writing a post, I'm not sure how "finished" it is, that began as a statement from group on Wed. Sort of a "how I got here" -LW that is. I've been "up & down" the last few days.

Tues. night was a blast. Got to hang with my Aunt Susie, Uncle Marlin [who for the last 24 years have been missionaries in France, at The Chateau De St. Albein], my cousins Ben [& his girlfriend Holly] & Phil [& his girlfriend Freddy -short for Frederica]. Phil is computer savy & was on the tech team in Black Forrest [a school in Germany where he met Freddy].

You'd think I wouldn't be down after that, or "not so soon" anyway. Wed. I was really down [& parts of today, really]. I almost didn't go to group, & didn't really feel like talking much. I sat in the parking lot & thought "why am I HERE?". I went in, went to the worship area, & talked to 3 good friends. It just felt soothing to be able to listen to them talk to me. To just have them acknowledge me, & let me be near them. They "hugged my weary soul" yesterday. And it felt good. One part anti-depressant, one part a "massage of the soul" -if you will.

I'm just "like that" sometimes, don't know why. I tried to talk to my friends. I just... it was easier & nicer to let them talk instead.
well, I'm off. [to listen to "sounds of hope"]

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