Friday, May 8, 2015


I wrote of this on Tumblr. I wrote of it from a U2 perspective. Though I later wrote this, more poem like version. Hope you like it......

"What's your favorite song right now?" she [my Mom] asked.

We Love The Broken
if I must pick

it is the song of the universe
thousands of bands 
singing different lyrics together
songs of pain
and of healing
songs of hope
not sung in vain
it is the sound
of nature's glorious symphony
humming of the love
that made it
and conducts it
the sound of people
confessing their stories
uncountable horrors
from darkness
that threatened
to drown the teller
by the very act of telling
they are saved
using the ears 
that listen
the hearts that hear
        the storytellers because of  [in spite of]
these stories 

I am one of the listeners
your stories
are aloe 
to my own
for we will love
the broken
and thus
feel love
as well

Well... there's a ....poem? Well, there "it" is. [whatever it is]

I still want to write more on the To Write Love On Her Arms movie. There's so much I could say. I really enjoyed it [which, I believe, I've said already]. I see parts of my own life in it. 
I've been the one asking: "you coming in?" & heard the familiar, toke on your cigarette, & say: "NOPE". As well as the lines: 
"So. Are you addicted to Jesus?" 
"So, why are you here?" 
"I'm here for the communion wine."
"I hear that's watered down, now."

Still cracks me up watching "Renee" look at "Jamie" & ask: "Want some Lucky Charms?" You cannot know how many ..."unique" introductions to "people who became friends later on" I've had. You can't, cause I couldn't even try to take a stab at a number. Though... there is a "high lights reel".... 

There are moments that maybe I see way more than anyone was trying to put into a scene.
Then there is the discussion guide. Which I did the... brave? [or is brave just the polite spelling of stupid?] decision of emailing a friend. Not just the guide, I sent it with my answers. Time will tell just how good an idea that was. 
Well, I should go for now. Late nights.... long drives.... lots of "stuff" going on...

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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