Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I just got home from my Mother's house. We ate supper together, talked a bit, & watched a movie. I think I've mentioned not being normal. This would be a time to give some proof. We watched THE VOW on DVD. It's based on a true story. The book is the true story.
Basic plot [of both book & movie]: guy meets girl. they date. get married. have a life together. a good one. this all takes place inside of 5 years. 5 years that, after a severe accident, she can no longer remember. What would you do?
I didn't buy it for my mother, or my wife [it was a great date movie, for us anyway]. I bought it... because it seems like some people fight the wrong fight in marriage. They will threaten as many people as possible to keep their spouse/ boyfriend or girlfriend for themselves... but they won't make their marriage/ relationship worth living in. I don't want to be one of them.
[movie version] What the trailers won't tell you, is this. Page [the wife] left her family, fiancee, & some friends & moved into the city... largely because of something that 2 people she cared about did. Her husband knows what it was. If he told her, she would surely stay with/ go back to him. He doesn't tell her. WHY? ...because, love is a choice. It's not a demand. Don't kid yourself. It's frightening to give your heart, your whole self to someone like that. And people who've been cheated on... staying with their spouse, or ever marrying again... I ...there are no words. Except maybe: you are so much bigger/ better than I can hope to ever be. I have trust issues as it is. Help not trusting people, I do not need. I have it "in spades".
You can watch trailers for THE VOW. trailer #1, trailer #2

 Some of my sparseness in posting here, is my rebellion against being "the perfect blogger", at the expense of being much good at anything else. Brad Paisley wrote "Online", with the line: "I'm so much cooler online...".  ...funny song. song, I hope that my life isn't a real live version of, though. See... I'd rather be: a good son, a good husband, a good uncle, a good friend... than be an excellent blogger. Sorry if that offends anyone.

Sorry this is all over the place tonight. It might be the last post for May [& the first week of June]. I'm going to do something I've wanted to for about 5 years. Hike Grandfather's Mountain with my Dad. [base to the tourist part at the swinging bridge] Yep, my camera is going along. 5 days in the blue ridge. Last time I was there was 16 yrs ago this Sept. On my honeymoon.
I am blessed with a great Mom. I've said, & anyone who knows her knows this isn't really a stretch, "if you aren't her friend, it's because you haven't met her yet". She told me how to love my wife. for 42 yrs, she's been showing me what married love is. Her & my Dad. One of the best love stories I've ever seen. Sadly, after 15 yrs of marriage, I think I'm finally getting a passing grade. I'm doing... "good". This, however, isn't the goal by a long shot. Doing good, or ok. Can you imagine it? a tombstone with: "Here lies [your name] they were an ok spouse". Makes you cringe, doesn't it?
So, I pray & I try, & I talk to her. To try to make our marriage, a great story. Someday, hopefully, it will be.
Whether it's the testimony of a woman who lost her mom & dad, yet found a way to be a good mom... or Christ, living the perfect life we can't. Then dying on the cross for us... it's not how much power [or anything else] your have, it's what you do with it that counts.

May His grace drip from your fingers,

p.s. want another intriguing movie? Sci-fi ish, this time. [written on a foggy window] "don't waste my time"
Maybe it'll make you think about how you spend yours...
IN TIME  "...his crime wasn't stealing time. He was giving it away."

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