Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello out there. I have written about 20 posts... inside my head. Honestly, I'm in the middle of about half a billion things. My wife did get unemployment. A wonderful thing. My Father is heading to Guatemala next week [short term missions trip]. I'm trying to do a mix of traditional V-day things & "unique to us" things. Currently listening to samples of King Crimson's THRaKaTTaK [a disc of improv's by them from the "double trio" period]. Still laughing @ a cartoon a friend has on his facebook page. Showing 2 Mayans, 1 holding a stone disc. It reads: "I only had enough room to go to 2012." [his friend replies] "Ha! That'll freak somebody out someday."
Silly as it is, I'm excited about going through the basement [aka the storage unit]. I'll try to post a poem or 2 on here soon again.

Mom continues to improve. [for Paul, & others who don't know, my Mother had back surgery for a cyst & shrinking of her spine's diameter, & then had a blood clot].

here I sit
my brain an orchestra
every instrument
reading different sheet music
15 trains of thought
all have left the station
none are traveling together
I futilly grab the conductor's wand
to no avail
I cry
"it's noisy in here"
it sounds
like a cat
meowing in a New York traffic jam
it'll go away
not soon enough
of course
I sit & sigh at myself
depressed that I'm not
when I look around
things are improving
not as fast
as I'd like
A friend facebooks me
a new possiblity
perhaps what I need
is a "photography gettaway"
what I need
is to get out
of my own road
who knows?

Take care all,
b.e. noll

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