Tuesday, February 28, 2012

images of my life?

The last few weeks have been busy. I feel a bit "worn @ the edges". However, I feel the need to take some time & "get creative". So here I am. "Barreling down the tracks" as it were. I'm trying to change life here, in my corner of the world. Fixing things, going through things. Deconstructing life @ home, & reconstructing it. Hoping that I'm reconstructing it in a more useful, real me now, sort of way. However, it is really stressing me out. So, as you can see, I took a walk. Got back out into nature. Which is good for me physically & spiritually....

Climbing rocks, exploring new trails...

Seeing things from a different perspective...

Finally coming to a restful position.

I've been reading, sporadically, about 4 books. Saw a good movie with my wife. [The Vow, which despite the "chick flick" vibe you may get... is really a good movie to see as a married person. It will make you think.]

Last, certainly not least, here is a poem. I'm kinda surprised came out of me. I'm not sure it's "done". Yet I like the length of it.

so many facets to myself
so many sides
how do I assemble them?
what do they together make?
do all sides belong to the whole?
are some intruders,
blur-ers, distorters,
thieves of the whole.
back to the ancient book I go
knowing the answers
lie there in those precious pages.
by b.e. noll

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