Wednesday, April 20, 2011

under the dust

I really got an image in my head from something said in a class I was in tonight. We've all heard the expression of "kicking up the dust". So, here is a poem, inspired by this small phrase from class tonight.

Under The Dust

what is
under the dust
not really
the best
parts of "us"
didn't see it
till I kicked at it
but now that I do
I'd rather hoped
it had rusted away
the past?
the present?
pushed in a corner


some mine

body else's

mistakes made
I hide
in the shade
grab my blade
to slay or trade
my broken pieces
which to keep?
which should be
put to sleep?
make me feel
like a creep?
under the dust
some garbage lies
don't want it to be seen
not trying to be mean
yet I mean
what I say
when I tell you
I want
to sweep it away
don't let it
come out & play
not today
not tomorrow
throw it out
like dead flowers
cause if it doesn't
get thrown away
it'll get kicked up again

by b.e. noll

May His grace drip from your fingers,


Wendy (Elliott) Loose said...

I gave you an award for being such an inspiration.

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