Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sabbath [restless thoughts on rest]

So... 2 friends of mine have "initiated" 2009 as a year they will observe the sabbath more... "intentionally". Which is good [not that they needed my approval at all, mind you]. One of my favorite blogs is seedlings in stone. Some time last year I read a post from L.L. Barkett. Who mentions not using computers on her sabbath. I think it's good to give things a rest. To "take a day off" from different things.

I, myself, have been struggling to give myself a sabbath. Nothing makes me want to do something more than saying "just not today".
Now that I've prefaced this with an apology... here's why...
Do any 2 people "rest" the same way? Maybe what I call rest... you call torture. Maybe. I'm in the midst of healing. [on many different levels] Maybe I'm thinking about this right now because I've been sick [since about last Thurs.]. What does everyone tell you to do when your sick? [besides drink lots of fluids] "get lots of rest". Now, they mean sleep, when you're sick. But that has made me wonder... maybe that's sometimes why we get sick. We cram so much into our lives that the only way our bodies can make us rest is to get sick. Sad, huh.

What is restful? I default to sleep. But is sleep restful? [...I know it should be] Is sleep all there is to resting?
What is relaxing for you?
for me...

Hiking is relaxing to me. For that matter, just being in a park doing just about anything is -for me- the epitome of rest. I think better. I breathe better [except for when my allergies kick in]. I write better [& more often]... when I am surrounded by nature. Able to drink it in. Summer is more relaxing for me because I make the time to go to a park to just "be". working on my computer is fun & relaxing for me. Sometimes it's the only way to write for me. [this is weird, to me anyway] I don't know why I favor typing on my pc over writing in a journal, but some days I just cannot pick up a pen & write. But on my pc, it "just flows out".

Driving. I got sick of driving once in my life. [I drove home from Pensacola Florida, pretty much non stop. 18 hours? anyway...] I love to drive, especially the Jetta. My honeymoon was driving Mick through the Blue Ridge Parkway. I loved it! She loved it because she got to travel without driving much at all. She hates to drive, but loves to go places.
THERE. There it is. For Mickey, driving wouldn't be a "sabbath thing". She just does not like to drive much.

So, what is restful for you? What relaxes you? what makes you breathe easier & draws you into His presence? you have a regular time/ day when you do that?
if not... maybe you should.

Well, this is the latest I've been up since I got sick. So, since I don't want to get sick again...

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