Saturday, December 27, 2008

[don't know how to title this, either]

I'm not sure what to say. Anything that comes to mind seems like it is a broken record. So, I'll just say [health wise] I'm doing better, all indications are that I'm healing & the surgery was a success.
Christmas wasn't "the best one ever". Having said that, it oddly seems like a necessary step toward ...well, where ever it is I'm going. I don't know where I'm going in life at this point. I do know I can't stay here. It does not work. [for anyone] My friend Brian asked, on Facebook, if anyone had new years resolutions. [this is way too big for a resolution] My blog posts may be sparse for a while. [till I really get things going] I also tend not to talk when I feel like I don't have anything good to say. [or I'm too busy to be taking the time to give the 411] I'm told that I "should be doing a lot better in 2 weeks". Please don't misunderstand, they have been really great over there. Answering questions, telling me things, explaining things, 'n what not... I want it to be over -like yesterday. [yeah, I am my father's son] If I put off learning patience... does that count?? [as getting some?? ...oh well, I tried]
Well, I need to wrap up for now. I have a good bit to do, & the only thing "Sabbath like" I'm going to be doing is not getting online. [this is the one part I've been successful at]
I'm hoping to finish getting ready for New Yeears Eve on Sun.
Shop for a dryer [finally got a new Micro... now I just have to install it]
And try [again] to desparately fit in a showing of Seven Pounds [hopefully no later than next weekend]
Hope you enjoy your New Years

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