Saturday, December 26, 2015

Movies...[another piece of my story... a fun piece]

I'm not Adele.
I like her music, her voice. However, every time I hear or see that word I think of that song now.
This cracked me up. A mash up of Adele & Lionel Richie beginning of Hello -by each of them.

So I titled this: movies. As most of you know [whether you like it or not] Star Wars is back.
Star Wars... or as it is known now: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was the very first film I ever saw in the theater. I saw it years after I played with the action figures. I heard everyone in my neighborhood trying to sound like the characters from the film. As we played with the action figures.
They re-released the film in theaters before each sequel came out. I saw it in the eighties. The last trailer they played before Star Wars was for Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi. Which was later changed to Return of the Jedi. This would be when I found out that when I tried to sound like the characters..... Everyone actually thought I sounded like the characters. This movie was an experience unlike any I'd had for a while. I don't think I blinked for 2 whole hours. I could sound like any audible sound that film made. Characters, light sabers, Tie fighters, X-wings, The Millennium Falcon, you name it.
It was fun. To be able to do something others couldn't.
Later, when the prequels came out. I had a friend, who is WAY more patient than me, stand in line to get us midnight showing tickets for the new movies. When we went & saw Episode I, for the first time, I can still hear another friend who went with us, saying. "I know you just saw it, but.... can you do Watto?"
So, being the shy, "please don't notice me" guy that I am. I looked around, cleared my throat & did it. They loved it. It felt, in that moment, like coming full circle. Back to the beginning.
I've never really understood why or how I can do this. I only know that I can. ...& that it's weird.
Mostly because not everyone can do it.
 I have enjoyed seeing Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I want to say more.... I might someday. Maybe after the DVD comes out. However, suffice it to say I liked it. It seems a "worthy successor" to the film series. To the story line. I'll be interested to see if any of my thoughts on where they go with it are as true as the ones I had for this episode. I was right on several things. Which is nice, however unimportant it really is.
I like Rey, BB-8, Finn, Kylo Ren, & the other new characters. I like seeing the older characters as well.
I like that there is no back story first. You are dropped into the film, with only the scrolling words at the beginning as any back story before you watch the film. While I like the prequel trilogy... this film seems like it will "age better" than those films seemed to. It feels more "timeless". Which is kind of what you want for a Star Wars film. When I saw the reboot of Star Trek, I have to be honest, I immediately thought Abrams should do a Star Wars film if they ever continue the saga. Not that the new Star Trek films were bad. I really liked them. It's just.... I could see a real love/ influence of Star Wars in it. So when I heard that Disney was going to continue Star Wars, I was hoping J.J. Abrams was going to get to "put his fingers into it". I'm really glad he was involved.

Well... this isn't an overly long post. Yet I thought I'd post about this. Since Star Wars was such a huge part of my childhood. A good, fun part. I would use the fire in the fireplace as a ruined starship or base from the Star Wars Universe. Having characters stranded in the world that was, in reality, my basement. I had a thousand adventures around the house. There are probably some weapons, accessories, & lightsabers still lost somewhere on the premises. I had to glue some figures back together. War is terrible on the joints.
Anyway... that's all for now...

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