Tuesday, August 30, 2011

praying for my Mother

My mother went into the hospital on Fri. Diagnosed with a trifecta. She has a cyst about 1 & a half inches in diameter [in her back], a slipped disc, & her spine is shrinking. Now, it is normal as you grow older to have it shrink top to bottom... her's is shrinking in diameter. Just got home from seeing her. She is in terrible pain. She got an epidural, however it should take about 24 - 48 hours to "kick in".

Dearest Yahweh
wrap your loving arms around mother
unfold your peace on her
tuck her in with your grace
fill her room with your presence
let her breathe in your healing touch
expelling the pain & agony
please take her pain away
hold her during the hours that I cannot
thank you sweetest Jesu
for the gift of this woman
as my mother
give rest to her aching bones
sooth her muscles
with a whisper from your lips
please, also
be with my Dad
thank you for sharing him with me
thank you for supper together
for our church family
who have gently closed ranks around us
standing in the wings
"at the ready"
for co-workers
who even with their looks say
"we're here"
thank you for my extended family
who, through you,
are here with us
as we pray up a storm
thank you that we can shower you
with prayer
thank you for listening
for wanting us
for loving us,
not just to death...
but beyond it.



Dee Dee's Laboratory said...

Trust in Yahweh (Jah) and He will help us bear all our problems and conditions. I hope your mother gets well soon. I am really touched with your poem and thankful that you know the name of God...personally.

Just always pray and ask for God's help.

Bought as is said...

Yeah, I figure if He can build the universe in six days with His mouth, fixing Mom He can do in His sleep!