Monday, April 5, 2010


Well... yesterday I spent the day with family. I want to write something grand & inpiring... Yet the words all ran away. So I'll leave you with a song & a poem...
Not the greatest Easter post you'll ever read...

Dwelling Place

by Kemper Crabb

His voice
is like
the breeze
off the mountain
that cools
the desert dweller
far below
and when I am
and I can’t see my way through
Jesus speaks to me & I know
I can see the way to go
like the sun
rising through the trees
after a night
of darkness & despair
is a joy that comes
from keeping still before him
my Lord & God
and hearing
the word of the Lord
from the lips of
the living God

dwelling place
my hiding place
from the world

I Pick You
Good Friday
You picked me
you could have saved anything
anything you wanted
anything you created
not eggs
not bunnies
not chocolate

you knew
that I just wanted
to be validated
someone to
“pick me”

you hung on the cross
and you said
“I love you…
is this loud enough?
I pick you”
on Easter
you walk out of the grave
[I guess if your gonna make all things new
death is as good a place as any
to start]
you walk out
cut hope loose
to run in the streets
then you turn to me
and ask:
“I picked you…
do you

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