Saturday, December 5, 2009

poem fragment

The Endless Poem [or The Poem of Infinity]

[christmas... the birth of hope]
a child is born this night
a boy
a son
the light (& hope)
of the world
of the created universe
born without defect
to accept all defects
born to rid poeple like me
of our wounds & scars
yet keep the ones
I've put on Him
this boy
this man
is tangible hope not "I hope so" hope
hope I can "hang with"
hope that will never get lost
hope that refuses to die
the man born this day
is different than all others
born of his own choosing
will allow us to beat him
kill him
so that
by doing so
can save us
...from ourselves.

This man
This "Prince of God"
is heir
to an unchallengable kingdom
a son
who's father
is ageless
[end of this fragment]

What's under the tree
isn't nearly as wonderful, valuable, or priceless...
as who put it there.

the real gifts at Christmas
are around the tree
what's under it are post it notes
to remind you of them.

Poeple are the best gifts.

Merry Christmas,

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L.L. Barkat said...

People are the best gifts. Yes. Yes...