Monday, August 3, 2009

A living room lead…

Living room sanctuary

I crawl down there

Hands & knees

Scramble onto the couch

Sunglasses on

Even though the sun can’t properly get in

A living room prison?

…not really,

A living room

Sanctuary, perhaps

I stay on the couch

Immobile for a while

Bothered that I cannot do anything

Never thinking that, for some,

This has been true for years

And will be

For the rest of their life



But I’m just stuck till I feel better

Here with You

As I wait out the dizziness

When the room stops spinning

I can start to venture out again

Or at least try to be on my feet again

And, at last I am

Ready to venture out into worlds unknown

I’m so glad that this chapter in my story is long over… That I can go out & hike, or take pictures, or just take a long drive [Sat. morning was wonderful…]


The Strength of Joy said...

Sorry your computer is on the blink right now. I'm missing your latest thoughts . . . Hope we all see you back here soon.

Bought as is said...

Yeah... well, these things do happen. I'm on Mom's pc at this moment. Our iron gave up, among other things!! "when it rains, it pours" an umbrella?