Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bought “as is” [an explanation]

A friend of mine got a tattoo a few years back. It reads “Dirtbag Saved by Grace”. I got together with them, for supper, the day they got that. I got to thinking… if I got a tattoo, & it was words –not a picture- what would mine be? What would I write on my skin? What permanent message would I always feel is true, yet not entirely depressing or self depreciating …bought “as is”.

Because when you go into a store, & you see “as is” on something, you know something is wrong with it. You may buy it because you can live with the flaw… or because you can fix it. God [& some beautiful people @ LW] seem to have this take on me, & those like me:
I love you as you are…but I love you too much to simply leave you like this. …you were meant to be more, …& I want to help you to achieve this “more” that you were meant to become. To live through the process of becoming who you were born to be. [to walk beside you as you become what God intended]

Thank you God that You do not see me as I see myself. Help me see myself through Your eyes. Help me to feel Your love, as I struggle through changes that are here, & changes that are coming. Thank you for those who love me more than I do. For those who walk with me. And have walked through some very dark stuff with me. Listening to things no one should ever have to hear [or say]. Thank You for the artists that You have brought into my life. For the way that they have helped me to laugh, to cry, to "spill my guts" & to learn [about You, me, & life itself].

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